It’s in Your Hands to Change Lives!

Now you can join those people who have left tremendous marks in the lives of others. You can also be one of those extraordinary, compassionate people who enrich the lives of others. You can be one of those who struggle every day to create a better world for the future of children who do not have equal opportunities with other children in the society.

People who decide to share their energies and values by donating to SOS’s Village Association support to create a more fair and more decent society, to ensure that no child is separated from their family, and that children grow up in a positive, happy and safe environment.

We realize that this important commitment means questioning your time. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to accompany you in this process and to find answers to your questions together, by explaining how to cooperate with SOS’s Villages Association to donate your inheritance.

If you want to get detailed information, do not hesitate to contact our association. We will be by your side to assist you with whatever you need.