Strengthening Asylum in Cyprus Project

Strengthening Asylum in Cyprus Project

A bundle of belongings isn’t the only thing a refugee brings to the host country. Albert Einstein was a refugee.




Child Beneficiary Rate (%)


Beneficiaries Achievement in Reaching Education (%)


“Being a refugee is not a choice, it is an obligation.”

Since January 2017, SOS Children’s Village is implementing the“Strengthening Asylum in Cyprus project with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Strengthening Asylum in Cyprus project is aiming ensure that persons arriving in the northern part of Cyprus in search of protection from persecution or violence are protected from refoulement (forceful return to a country where their life or freedom would be threatened) in accordance with the international law. Simultaneously within our project, we make great efforts to assist the refugees and ‘person of concern’s living in north Cyprus integrate into our society socially and economically.


The primary goal of our project’s integration is to support the refugees living in our island to become independent and viable, be able to reach to their fundamental rights, accommodate oneself to the culture of their surroundings and become happy, productive people that continue to live their culture freely.

On this matter, within the Strengthening Asylum in Cyprus team, there is one Cultural Mediator/Translator and one Social Counselor working in cooperation with the target group to prepare annual development plan for each individual and family in the project. Free Turkish Language courses, academic development and education support for children, vocational development plans, development of capacity to find employment and social and cultural activities are the main contents of integration program of our project.


Following the needs analysis done by our expert, there are food and material support provided by SOS Children’s Village as a donation to the families in need. Including approximately 100 registered beneficiaries to our project, the people who are not registered but have an international protection claim are in our project’s target group as well.



Ratio Of Women and Girls

Within last year, 2018, the percentage of asylum-seekers that Strengthening Asylum in Cyprus project team intervened for were by 52% women and girls.


People Lost Their Lives

According to the report published by UNHCR, in 2018, approximately 2,275 people lost their lives or went missing trying to cross the Mediterranean and there has been a drastic decline in the number of people that has successfully reached to the Europe shores. This means that at least 6 people go missing each day.